In Tovar Architects Murcia we are specialized in building projects since our beginnings in 2006.

In the approach we take to each project we intend to go beyond the simple resolution of functional requirements. Our intention is to achieve beauty, through a unique vision and special in each project, where are resolved jointly, the functional requirements and aesthetics of your project.

Our work process

How we will work together.

In Tovar architects do not believe in magic formulas. To get the best project for you we have developed a process over the years that allows us to take into account all the factors and elements required.

The responsibility of a job well done, has led us to refine the process to be able to develop the best project for you.


First meeting

We will meet with you for a first contact. We will talk to discover how you like to live and what are your passions, your desires, as you imagine your project, which needs you have, etc.

In that meeting, we will also talk about what are your fears when it comes to facing the world of construction. We will resolve your questions and concerns to make you feel safe during the process.



After that first meeting we will design a first sketch of the project, this sketch is a drawing distribution of what you asked us to do at the first meeting.

From that sketch you, as a client, will have to propose changes, ideas that come up and any elements that you want/need that are in the project. We in this phase will advise you, adapting the initial sketch to the different improvements that you propose and that we propose to adapt like a glove to you, your family and your lifestyle.


Modeling in 3D

Once that first sketch is accepted, that ideal distribution, we will generate a 3D model.

First it will be a simple 3D sketch, so you can move, rotate, see from any point of view. This model serves us to define the shape of your project and it will be the moment where you will start to see the final appearance that your project will have.

Later once we have fitted the volume and shapes of your project we will design realistic 3D images, both indoors and outdoors, so that you can clearly see what the end result will be.

We will also generate 360º virtual reality images so you can see from within your project. We use Oculus Go glasses so you can get inside the project and see it in the first person. Many people do not come up with the idea of the dimensions of their project through the plans, with 360-degree images and glasses you will be able to perceive, realistically, the real dimensions of your project.

Once all the plans, 3Ds and virtual reality have been accepted, we will enter into the drafting of the architectural project according to the current legislation to obtain the Building License.

Completed the phase of architectural project, if you want that service, we will help you locate construction company and other technicians that need. We carried out a comparative analysis of budgets and an active search to find the best company at the best price.

In this moment everything is ready to start making your dream come true.

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