asas Sanchez San Juan Alicante

Sánchez-Jover-Jiménez Houses




San Juan Alicante


350 m²


In proyect

  • YEAR : 2020
  • LOCATION : San Juan Alicante
  • AREA : 350 m²
  • STATUS : In proyect
  • AÑO :
  • ESTADO :

Sánchez houses are located in the center of San Juan de Alicante, in a residential area. They are homes designed for two brothers and their families in two adjoining plots.

The goal objective of both houses was to create a space of tranquillity that would be involved in the environment, which will connect with it, with its vegetation and more traditional materials.

The project creates various outdoor spaces linked to the different inner rooms, according to the use of these inner rooms.

Trying these connections with the outside in several ways:

  • As soon as you enter the house meeting a fountain and a tree, so that as soon as you enter the house, being inside, the feeling is to be completely connected with the outside.
  • Through a large window that hides on the wall of the living room to go out to a covered porch, extending the living room to all the outside space
  • With a pergola of natural wood framing the terrace of the main room and sifting the entrance of natural light in this room.
  • With an inner patio that introduces vegetation and lighting in all the inner rooms of the house.

In these two houses all rooms (including the corridor) natural light.

Also several heights are created in the houses differentiating the more public areas of the higher houses (lobby, living room-kitchen) from the lower ones (rooms and bathrooms)

These two houses have been specially created to dilute the border between interior and exterior space, allowing at all times its involvement with the environment.

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