Fachada de la promoción a la calle Los Alcázares, Murcia
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Sustainable modern homes Torre del Rame




Torre del Rame, Los Alcázares, Murcia


584 m²


In project

  • YEAR : 2024
  • LOCATION : Torre del Rame, Los Alcázares, Murcia
  • AREA : 584 m²
  • STATUS : In project
  • AÑO :
  • ESTADO :

In the Torre del Rame project, carried out by our architectural studio in Murcia, we were challenged to transform a classic project of 3 semi-detached houses of brick and tile, whose structure was already built since 2008, to convert it into 2 modern, sustainable and adapted to the Mediterranean environment where the work was located, Torre del Rame.


With a modern design and a high degree of comfort achieved, this project demonstrates how the best of classical architecture can be combined with contemporary styling trends, resulting in practical and attractive spaces.

2 detached houses on plots of more than 300 m².

Project Details:

Architectural Style: We adopted a contemporary Mediterranean approach, highlighted by pure lines and a neutral colour palette that evokes serenity and elegance.
Materials: The use of solid wood, white monolayer and natural stone not only provides warmth and texture, but also ensures durability and style.
Spaces: We design bright and spacious interiors, with smooth transitions to terraces and balconies that offer panoramic views, inviting contemplation and enjoyment of the surroundings.

Advanced Installations:

Thermal Insulation: We exceed thermal insulation standards, providing energy efficiency that translates into significant savings and optimal thermal comfort all year round.
Underfloor Heating: We implement underfloor heating in every home, guaranteeing a homogeneous distribution of heat and a cosy atmosphere.
Aerothermal system: Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in the integration of aerothermal systems, which offer efficient and ecological air conditioning.

A reflection of our vision of a sustainable future

Current status - Initial project planned - Renovation carried out

Este proyecto no solo revitaliza estructuras preexistentes, sino que mejora significativamente la calidad de vida de sus habitantes y refleja nuestra visión de un futuro sostenible. Invitamos a aquellos interesados en proyectos que priorizan la innovación y la responsabilidad ambiental a contactarnos para explorar cómo podemos colaborar en la realización de su visión de la vivienda de sus sueños.


This project not only revitalizes pre-existing structures, but significantly improves the quality of life of its inhabitants and reflects our vision of a sustainable future. We invite those interested in projects that prioritize innovation and environmental responsibility to contact us to explore how we can collaborate in realizing your vision of your dream home.

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