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Olmos House




Agridulce, Murcia


545 m²



  • YEAR :
  • AREA :
  • STATUS :
  • AÑO : 2019
  • LOCALIZACIÓN : Agridulce, Murcia
  • SUPERFICIE : 545 m²
  • ESTADO : Construida

Casa Olmos is a 545 m² house, located on a trapezoidal plot, in the urbanization of Agridulce, Murcia. This plot is characterized by having a steep slope, 6 meters high between its opposite limits, and a large plot size of 1,600 m² but being very narrow on one side, forcing us to build a house with an elongated design..

The project is carried out on three floors, a main ground floor where the common life of the family takes place, a semi-basement for housing services and a games room and a first floor with the guest room. The narrowness of the plot forced to develop an elongated distribution. This linearity of distribution in the façade is breaking down, generating movement of different volumes that respond to the interior elements of the house, creating recesses and projections, providing movement to the façade. Likewise, geometry has been used to incorporate different elements such as vegetation and patios inside the house.

Two interior patios are generated, one at the ground floor that serves the main room and the other at the basement that illuminates various rooms. Both patios seek to expand and project the interior spaces to the exterior, complementing that environment of relaxation

The house has a large south-facing porch, without pillars that interrupt

In general, a sober set is created that allows that connection that we who live in this Mediterranean climate can enjoy so much, allowing to have continuous spaces that dilute the limits between exterior and interior, thus achieving a living-dining room-kitchen-porch that , depending on time, they can be converted into a single space.

In addition to connecting the interior and exterior on the ground floor, the different floors of the house have also been connected in height, the ground floor and the first floor through a double height that connects the living-dining room on the ground floor with the library on the first floor . And between the ground floor and the basement through an English patio that connects the kitchen with the girls’ playroom.

The entire interior has been designed with great care to correspond with the entire exterior design of the house. With furniture and materials that had continuity between interior and exterior.

All the details have been a very studied point in this design house.

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