Residential Los Arces Blocks I and II




Sangonera La Seca, Murcia


5.480 m²


Under construction

  • YEAR : 2019
  • LOCATION : Sangonera La Seca, Murcia
  • AREA : 5.480 m²
  • STATUS : Under construction
  • AÑO :
  • ESTADO :

The Residencial Los Arces is located in the Avenue of Lorca corner Teacher Antonio Martínez In Sangonera La Seca (Murcia).

A privileged geographical location in the metropolitan area of Murcia-Alcantarilla, a few minutes from the university campuses of the UCAM and the UMU, with very quick access and close to the A7 motorway and the MU-30.

This housing development allows you to enjoy a quiet and natural environment with all the comforts: proximity to education, sports, healthcare and shopping areas.

The houses have a private gated access area with a large area of 750 m² for common use facilities, located in the center of the plot, with landscaped areas, swimming pools of adults and children equipped with saline chlorination system and children’s area.

These facilities are the protagonists of a residential design where home comfort is compatible with community leisure activities.

The first phase of this new project is composed of 23 apartmens with 2 and 3 bedroom, including ground floor housing. All the houses have large terraces, double orientation and a design conceived with large windows and comfortable interior distributions.

The apartmens have been projected according to eco-sustainable criteria: High levels of lighting and soleation, greater insulation in facades and roofs, and energy optimization procedures in houses and common areas. The buildings will be equipped with a sanitary hot water production system by the use of aerothermia that offers high performance and reduced electricity consumption.

All the apartmens have large terraces framed at the level of the building in front, and produce a visual volume that breaks with the usual concept of standard windows holes, offering a different beauty outside the building, which translates into a careful interior design.

The project of this promotion has been drafted with the highest quality standards, thus offering the maximum comfort and amplitude in the rooms of the houses that open to the exterior by means of roof terraces, with large windows to take advantage of the light, in a unique environment with all services.

En venta

Planos en PDF de viviendas:

Flat Door Bedrooms Bathrooms m² Usefull m² Built Availability Blueprints
0 A 2 2 91.57m² 100.93m² Sold out
0 B 3 2 109.61m² 118.87m² Sold out
0 C 3 2 109.83m² 118.87m² Sold out
0 D 2 2 92.82m² 100.93m² Sold out
1 A 3 2 105.02m² 125.23m² For Sale
1 B 3 2 99.66m² 118.87m² For Sale
1 C 3 2 105.71m² 126.66m² For Sale
1 D 3 2 105.73m² 126.66m² For Sale
1 E 3 2 99.69m² 118.87m² Sold out
2 A 3 2 104.88m² 125.28m² For Sale
2 B 3 2 99.68m² 119.15m² Sold out
2 C 3 2 105.69m² 126.66m² Sold out
2 D 3 2 105.71m² 126.66m² Sold out
2 E 3 2 99.71m² 119.15m² Sold out
3 A 3 2 105.02m² 125.23m² Sold out
3 B 3 2 99.66m² 118.87m² Sold out
3 C 3 2 105.71m² 126.66m² Sold out
3 D 3 2 105.73m² 126.66m² Sold out
3 E 3 2 99.69m² 118.87m² Sold out
Penthouse A 3 2 137.73m² 123.33m² Sold out
Penthouse B 3 2 135.68m² 120.43m² Sold out
Penthouse C 3 2 136.19m² 120.43m² Sold out
Penthouse D 3 2 138.68m² 123.12m² Sold out



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